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About Us
Before your project or order, we would like you to know us better.  Accumulated 20 years experience within the business is ready to create your profit...

Established: 1992
Employee: 1
Surface: 500sqM
Capital: USD125,000
Turnover: USD250,000 annually

Missions: Production, Export, Import, Consolidation or Purchasing agent, Authorized Inspection, Design & Assembly for main brand items (OEM/ODM) and Representative for export makers.
Main Products: Electronic Novelties, Gifts, Toys, Modules of all kinds applications, Modules of Sports & Games , Micro Computer or processor devices & General Goods...
Business operations are following standard trade regulation.
Full equiped with tooling and production machines for offering the best quality & Services.

Welcome all different kinds of OEM/ODM projects.


Oink Dieter

Moo Dieter Croak Sensor
Seducer Magic Mirror
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