DIET to Reduce WEIGHT in $ Saving Natural Way
Want to diet or reduce your weight in natural way?  The answer is here.
Activated by light sensor & remind to diet with voice when fridge door opening. Many patterns can be selected. Try this most efficient and money saving method.  Logos are available to print on a flag label for promotion. 4 pigs & 2 cows
77752.jpg (11864 ????) #77752 Naughty
#77753 Lazy

SIZE:3.5x3.8x4.9 inches
POWER:DC 3.0volts
9.5Kgs, 11.5Kgs
Ship w/o batteries
Logos available to print on the flag label

(Most suitable for Moslem Area)

77753.jpg (12002 ????)

The only maker combine vinyl and Electronics.

Click for Pig shaped Dieter in "Oink" Voice.

Oink Dieter

Seducer Croak Sensor
Magic Mirror
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